Welcome aboard.

There is one thing I really enjoy, and that is the sort of hike I used to do back in Britain.  There is seldom any chance of getting out in the wilderness in Britain, the countryside is littered with villages, hamlets and stray pubs, tea rooms and inns.

National Park Beer
Half Dome beer at Kings Canyon National Park

A carefully planned hike can take you over a hill to a quaint riverside alehouse for a pie and a pint, then loop back along the valley floor to your starting point.  In California we have a greater separation of countryside from food and drink, but we do have thousands of miles of trails and dozens of microbreweries.  I’m definitely game for a morning 6-12 mile hike followed by an afternoon eating and drinking a few drive away.

I hope to find some good pairings for you all to enjoy, such as a walk up on Skyline, followed by a burger at Alice’s, or a  visit to Jack London State Historic park as a prelude to a visit to a winery in Glen Ellen.  I even think urban hikes can be rewarding.  I will be using this forum to share some favorite hikes, and hopefully learn about some new ones.

See you on the trails!