Bondi to Coogee Beach

Yes, I do live on the other side of the other Pacific, but I recently had the chance to do this great urban hike.

  • Urban coastal hike
  • 5 miles (I wasn’t counting)
  • 2-4 hours, depending on side activites.
  • Steep climbs
  • Food and drink available at every beach.

Getting There

The easiest way is by bus, this will free you up to do a one way hike. Hiking Bondi to Coogee is pretty much a southerly hike, which puts the sun on your back and not in your eyes.

The hike is best started if you take the bus to the terminus on the North side of the bay. You will be almost instantly rewarded with a “clifftop” view of the beach. I was there in early spring, and it was comfortably populated with surfers and bathers. You might get to see some good wave action, so stay a moment and watch the action.

Once you walk down to the beach, you have an option of walking along the promenade, or walking in the deep fine sand, I would take the opportunity to do that now while you’re fresh, as the sand takes some effort to walk on unless you are right on the tide line. The promenade features some 1930s structures, which actually date back nearly to the origins of the beach as a resort.

You will soon find your self following around the cliff side to the next cove, and the next and the next. You will pass some beautifully eroded sandstone, and you will find playul scuptures embedded in the wall.

The hike, from the map looks like bay, cliff, cove, cliff repeat, but you will find each bay has a unique personality. There are inviting open air pools or lidos at most beaches, but I didn’t check to see if membership was required, they looked open to the public. One cove just had a series of steep boat ramps, with small craft hauled up clear of the high tide. Bronte Beach had the most inviting pool. I really enjoyed the lunch I had at Tamarama Beach.

One section of the hike was interrupted by a collapsed length of trail, so we were diverted through the cemetery, it’s always intersting to see how the dead are honored, and I was surprised at the opulence of the masonry. Of course, this is a newer graveyard, probably only just 100 years old, so there were no real old stones.

Be Prepared

You will need

  • Sunscreen
  • comfortable shoes
  • cash or debit card for coffee bars
  • water
  • swim wear.
  • speedos or shorts okay.
  • preloaded Opal Card