So far you may have noticed a lack of information on drinks.  This site is a hobby, and will be growing slowly over time.  I think there are 20 venues and 30 beverages I want to share with you all today, but you will have to “watch this space”, and learn something new every week.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem. Built into the cliff in front of Nottingham Castle, it’s claimed to be Britains oldest pub.

The Venues

California, over the last 25 years, has seen a steep increase in the number of local microbreweries, brew pubs, alehouses and tasting rooms.  We have cider being produced in Sonoma valley, wine in The Wine Country, Livermore and Santa Cruz mountains, beer throughout the area, boutique distilleries and even a sake tasting room in Berkeley. Though there are no places quite as old as Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, which is built into the cliff below Nottingham Castle, we have many great venues.  I’ll try to find the best ones, and share them with you all.  They are listed here.

The Drinks

I have a sweet tooth, and it shows in my drinking tastes.  My go to drinks tend to be ciders and stouts, with runners up being brown ales and weißbier.  I do like red wines and I do like vodkas, bourbons and SoCo.  I’m not a hoppy ale fan, so you will see a preference for certain breweries, and less adventures to wineries. I have been using Untap’d for several years.  For now you will have to be content with my reviews and postings there.

A Friendly Warning

I know I have a whole website that advocates hiking and drinking, but really this pairing has a specific order.  After a long hike, a cool refreshing beer is an enjoyable thing.  A beer in the middle of a hike can lead to frequent need of bushes, or possible dehydration issues.  I think we are all adults here, and won’t be getting drunk before driving home or tackling a particularly rough trail.