St. George Spirits

One of the cornerstones of Spirit Lane (Monarch St), St. George Spirits is the distillery that gave the world Hanger 1 Vodka.  They are also well known for their gins, and I would like to say infamous for “Breaking and Entering” bourbon, which sells out pretty much the day it gets released, and I hear there is a mailing list to keep track of it.

I should point out, since I know you already looking at this on Google, after selling the Hanger One label and recipes, and entering a short no compete agreement, St George now have a good selection of their own Vodka which complements the selection from Hanger One.  Hanger One also have a tasting room on Monarch St, so don’t get the two venues confused.  I still never worked out why the Hanger One logo was of the Zeppelin hanger at Moffett Field, Mtn. VIew.

St George Spirits is in an old aircraft hanger, this gives them plenty of space for the distillery, and a comfortable space for a tasting room.  You can expect to see five or six parties of a dozen people at the tastings.  A small additional fee gets you a 30 minute tour of the production area.  There are more steps in making vodka and gin than there is for whiskey, so if you’ve not been on the tour you should do it at least once.

The tastings will get you a sampling of half a dozen spirits and liqueurs, selection varies. Gin seems to be the mainstay, with varieties including their Mt Tam, with its distinctive pine flavor.  Vodkas often have citrus flavour, pear brandy and raspberry liqueur have also been offered. Though the tasters probably only amount to a double or triple shot, I would recommend eating first.

Food is scarce in this area.  The neighbouring brewery (Faction) often has a food truck, and I hear Rockwall Winery has food. A new food choice is “The Rake” on W Tower Rd.  A recent addition to the West End is an open mall which offers popular chains such as Curry Up Now, Habit Burger, Spin Pizza, and a few others.

Since I didn’t have a photo of the distillery, I decided a dramatic photo of Alameda NAS/Alameda Point was in order.