The 1400, Bar and Grill

The oldest place in town!

Well, this place has history, bring one of the oldest bar buildings, but it did spend time being other things, I first knew it as a coffee shop in 1994.

This bar has a great look. The Victorian building was built as a drinking establishment, with a wonderful full length bar, and stained glass. The decor pays tribute to the rock icons who played San Francisco venues in the 60s and 70s.

You can get regular beer, exotic import or local craft, with Alamedas own Faction being on tap alongside other regional favorites. There is also a full range of cocktails.

Food is pretty good, fish and chips, burgers, pizza for pubby food, and a few other dishes that seem to have a vague Mediterranean influence.

1400 Webster Street

  • Pub
  • Patio
  • Good food
  • Craft, import, domestic beer & cider