The Rake. Admiral Maltings

Laying out grains, all part of the process.
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The Rake is a little unusual. Normally you will find a brewery or distillery with a tasting room, or a tap room, bar or pub with a good selection of guest beers. The Rake is located at Admiral Maltings at Alameda Point (formerly Alameda NAS. Since this is a malting house, and not a brewery they do not have their own beer. Their customers however are breweries, and The Rake is a tap room that showcases those beers. As a consequence you can sample a variety of beers and breweries here.

The food here consists of good quality bar snacks. I’ve shared the charcuterie plate, had the chili dogs, and taken a bite out of their grilled cheese sandwiches, all were good.

The building housing The Rake was a storage facility of the airbase, on West Tower, opposite the old seaplane hangers. As such you’d expect a basic functional building, but they’ve brought some elegance to the building. The internal decor is slightly industrial, with some of the tables made of old jack stands, looking like they were lucky finds in the building.

The patio is snug, and high sided to be sheltered from bay breezes and screened from the petite parking lot, shared with Almanac, the brewery next door.

Tours are offered of the malting floor at 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. I hope to try that out soon.

I would suggest that you take a morning tour of the USS hornet, then pop over to the Rake for a lunch and a beer.